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Bonnie Calhoun - Director (CFBA)
Bonnie Calhoun - Publisher (CFOM -
Christian Fiction Online Magazine)
Erin Brown - Line Editor (CFOM)
Pamela Morrison - Graphics Designer
Mission Statement

To proclaim the glory of Christ in all genres of Christian fiction by broadening the CBA presence
in the world thru blogging on the internet.


Book tours with our organization have a rolling fee structure, contact us for details

What you get:.

A three day tour slot.

Respect and our undivided attention.

The number of books you want to send out, and where you want to limit sending them (iie. not outside continental US) is set by you.

We distribute your contact info to reviewers and influencers for possible interviews.

We will include other books, giveaways or contest information from the author in posts.

There will be a link to the first chapter of the book included in the standard post along with the full list of reviewers/influencers and their sites, so that author publicists can search for good blurbs.

All blog tours will be listed in our Christian Fiction Online magazine, which is available free, on the internet as a resource for churches, book clubs, libraries systems, and bookstores.

Books tour with CFBA also get front page status in Christian Fiction Online Magazine for the month of their tour.

The books are also displayed in the left sidebar of the monthly newsletter that the magazine sends out..

The blog tours have their own page in the magazine with the link on the Home page navbar..

Free 410px wide X 110px tall banner ad space is also provided in the magazine for tours. (You must supply your own banner, or we have a
graphics artist who will make you one for a nominal charge.)

Quality assurance that your book will be posted by members as agreed upon.

Personal service and a timely response if problems arise.

Paid tour slots are never forfeited. Publisher/author may change the book if necessary, or we can slide a tour forward until books are available.

CFBA liability is limited to the amount of money paid for the tour.


Our Christian Fiction Online Magazine is our premiere showcase for our tour books. They occupy a place of prominence on the Home page.

Our monthly "new issue is up" mailing goes out to over 9k individuals including 74 book clubs, 192 Christian
book stores, 762 library systems, and 165 book reviewers at present count. But we are
always adding to those numbers.

Tours also go out to our Twitter followers, and are prolifically  retweeted.

So with our tours and the magazine our advertising machine is getting each of our books in front of an average
of 50,000 people! And we're still growing!

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